Me about myself...

As much as easy questions are often asked, answers to them are usually far from being that easy. “Who am I?”. I can start off with a “cliché” that I studied this and that, that my job is such or another, and finally – that I work here and there. But I'm not really convinced that any of those “dry facts” would take us any closer to the “real” answer. Therefore, let us look at this from another angle... I am somebody special! Special in my own way – same as You :).

Tomasz Poradowski
If I dedicated more time to cooking, I could attempt to formulate some sort of “recipe for me” - that is, something that wouldn't be ready-to-eat, but it would give you a general picture, or rather a foretaste of what comes out in result. Allow me to list a couple of ingredients then... however it will be much worse with proportions and the order of their mixing. On the list, you will certainly find patience, actually a large slice of it; a big amount of composure will also find its place there, together with a handful of persistence that doesn't necessarily want to blend with those positive drives and behaviours – so it will usually come out on top. Unminced, coarse-grained pessimism, additionally flavoured by a pinch of decadence, adds to the bitterness. The ingredients of sweet and sour sauce are conservative-liberal views on many things (it's not at all about politics), as well as heading for an unknown direction, which sometimes allows to find a bit of sweetness, but usually features a lot of sour.

The entire composition is somewhat dense and heavy – and while it's generally a light dish, easy to digest, you can eat it neither excessively, nor frequently... But, like with almost everything – you have to try it out yourself ;)


Below you can find a list of web-pages to which I am somehow connected. Perhaps you can find one of them interesting or useful.

www.e-Informatyka.pl Electronic scientifical magazine concerning Computer Science; I took part in the process of designing and building its framework.

www.spadochron.pl That’s the skydiving school where I took my AFF course in May 2005. Highly recommended!
Note: Polish or German version only

www.tandemy.pl Outstanding people, with whom I happen to meet from time to time on the drop zone.
Note: Polish version only

www.pyrlandia-boogie.pl My favourite Drop Zone in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland.

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