I am an expert in software development.
I am also a parachutist.

What is the connection between those two different things? The first one is my job, that enables me to realize the second one – that is, my hobby. Of course it is not everything, because in many other things done by the same person, similarities and analogies can be found – which is also the case here.

Skills and experience are what really matters in both. It is precisely education and previous work experience that enables me to cope with diverse situations and problems that arise during the computer systems creation. Similarly, standing on the edge of the plane's door at four thousand meters, it is thanks to my training and skills acquired in my previous jumps that I know how to get as much pleasure from my jump as possible (at the same time remaining safe) and in case of trouble – also what to do to safely touch down. Every other jump, like every other finished project – is another slip of paper clipped to a folder named “Experience”, from which I draw conclusions and try not to repeat potential mistakes.

Time is of the essence. In the first case, time usually translates to money, in the second – to life. Thus I am trying not to play around with time in both cases. I take up projects possible to be finished in a given time - like in parachuting, where height allows for the safe opening of a parachute.

If it is about time in the context of money, we need to think about what we get for it. A few years ago, before receiving a professional parachutist course, I went through quite an arduous training in an old flying club. Yes, I managed to jump a couple of times in a not-too-impressive time, but I can not really count them as stress-free because of old equipment and crew's too flimsy attitude towards safety during the entire training. Having learnt this experience, next I have undergone

a completely different training quality-wise, using modern equipment – and only then could I enter the plane without fear. Does it work the same way with software? Usually the Client will find a cheaper offer for the same task, but what should also be of interest is quality - just like I am interested in the quality of equipment to be used during my jump. In both cases the lack of it can cause great losses that no-one can afford.

In the air, precision is of great importance. Descending at great speeds, even the smallest mistake will cause unexpected changes in the flight's direction. Same with software, but it has to be realized that such errors will always come out. It is thus important to be able to quickly correct the mistake so as to restore the flight's stability - or the system's continuous operation.

I have been asked about my feelings during and after the jump for many times. It can not be told, you have to try it out yourself. Same for cooperating with me in my field of specialization - everything I wrote above is up to you to find out...



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